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UCLA Immunization Requirement

Deadline / Compliance

What is the deadline for completing the immunization requirements?

All incoming students should submit their documentation by October 1each year.

Most of the health professional programs (Medical/ Dental/ Nursing/ Social Welfare) require that you initiate the health clearance process prior to your program orientation. See the My Requirements pages for more information.

Will I be penalized if I do not complete the requirements by the deadline?

If you have not submitted documentation of the immunization requirements by the deadline, an academic hold will be placed on your registration for Winter quarter classes.

Can I get an extension on the deadline so I can fulfill the requirements at the Ashe Center once I have UCSHIP insurance?

Yes, there will be a deadline extension until November 1st for anyone that needs to wait for UC SHIP coverage to begin or attend the Immunization Fair. If you are missing any of the required immunizations, you may attend the Immunization Requirement Fair.

Will I get a confirmation email once I fulfill the requirements?

No. However, you can check the Medical Clearance tab in the Ashe Patient Portal to see if you have satisfied the requirements.

What if the vaccine/titer is not available in my country?

You should still complete all other vaccines and/or testing, and submit your documents by the formal deadline. International Students studying remotely out of country will be granted extensions for vaccines that are not available in their location. If you will remain outside the United States for the fall quarter and can’t get your required vaccinations, first check the medical clearances section to see if you have already been given an exception. If not, contact us through the patient portal. Choose Messages, New Messages, then Immunization Requirement Question. Let us know about your situation and we will work with you to avoid an enrollment hold.