Fielding School of Public Health

  • Updated COVID-19 vaccine or declination
  • Positive MMR titer OR proof of receipt of 2 doses of MMR vaccine (first dose needs to be on or after first birthday).
  • Positive Varicella titer OR proof of receipt of 2 doses of Varicella vaccine (first dose needs to be on or after first birthday).
  • Positive Hepatitis B surface antibody titer (HBsAb): Students not already immune to Hep B must have at least 2 doses of the Hep B series before class starts (or show proof of positive Hepatitis B surface Antigen). The entire Hepatitis B requirement must be completed by the first day of the spring semester or you will not be able to continue.
  • Negative IGRA (T-Spot, QuantiFERON®-TB test) within 6 months. If the result is positive, proof of negative Chest X-Ray is required.
  • Tdap: 1 dose after age 7 & Td or Tdap booster within 10 years.
  • Meningococcal conjugate (Serogroups A,C,Y & W 135): Only for students under 22 years old: 1 dose on or after age 16.
  • Seasonal Influenza vaccine given after August 1st of entering year.
  • How To Comply With The UC Immunization Requirements:

  • Submit your Statement of Intent to Register SIR/SLR.
  • Please allow 2 business days after submitting your SIR/SLR before attempting to access The Ashe Center Patient Portal.
  • Sign in to The Ashe Center Patient Portal.
  • Once you are logged in, from Home page, click “Complete My Immunization Requirement.”
  • Enter all of the requested dates and immunization information.
  • Complete TB Screening Questionnaire by selecting the update tab.
  • Upload images or PDF files of your immunization records, laboratory tests, and/or chest x-ray by clicking "UPDATE" on the "Immunization Upload" tab.
  • You can check your compliance status from The Ashe Center Patient Portal by selecting Medical Clearance.
  • To submit records from your primary care doctor, download and complete the Immunization Worksheet for outside providers and submit through The Ashe Center Patient Portal.

IMPORTANT: Once you have met all requirements, send a copy of your full Ashe Center Immunization section and Medical Clearances page to Carmen Belen Mancha at the Luskin School of Public Affairs, Department of Social Welfare at

Health Clearance Requirements must be completed BEFORE Orientation Week in order to fulfill the mandate.